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Re: Diffs for next draft

2001-08-23 22:03:51

The correct solution would be to introduce a version 5 of the secret
key packet - this is a major change as we may also want to also
introduce a v5 public key packet for symmetry reasons.  I guess this
will break a lot of code.

The hackish solution is to define a new S2K type identical to type 3
(iterated and salted) which would then trigger the use of the new
SHA-1 checksum.  It should be made clear that this S2K type is only to
be used for the protection of the secret key and not for conventional

I don't like any of these solutions but the latter one is easier to
implement. Any other ideas?

I think an S2K that includes a hash is only mildly hackish, myself. I'd
support this. I'd even support an additional one that is merely salted with
a hash.