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Re: Revocation target subpacket (Re: What's left before a new RFC?)

2002-04-23 15:45:25

On 4/17/2002 5:20 PM, "Michael Young" <mwy-opgp97(_at_)the-youngs(_dot_)org> 

I still desire a "revocation target" subpacket to identify the
specific signature being revoked...

In the immortal words of Rod Serling, submitted for your approval:

.head 4 Revocation Target

.block blank
(1 octet PK algorithm,
 1 octet hash algorithm,
 N octets hash)

This subpacket identifies a specific target signature that a revocation
signature revokes. This provides explicit designation of a revocation. All
arguments are an identifier of that signature.

The N octets of hash data MUST be the size of the hash of the signature. For
example, a target signature with a SHA-1 hash MUST have 20 octets of hash