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Re: IDEA in v3-v4 conflict (was Re: OpenPGP at IETF-59 Draft Minutes #1)

2004-03-11 06:43:44

Jon Callas wrote:

Does this mean you think I should strip out all V3 keys now? I'd be happy to put out an interim draft RSN to just put a nail in V3 keys as you suggest. :-)


(In case it's not clear, I really am joking)

I for one don't understand the joke - maybe I'm
just a humourless old bastard, or, maybe our Java
implementation, which is a bit stuck at "nearly
done," for lack of funds.  Cryptix OpenPGP lacks
PGP 2 support, and will probably always lack PGP 2
support, because there just isn't any real economic
sense in it.

Dropping support in the standard for old stuff would
seem to be a boon to all future implementations.
Those that wanted to support the old ways still can,
there is no suggestion that they have to drop
support, nobody ever said you can't over do the
support aspects.

Still, standards are meant to be used by developers,
not the other way around.  If the RFC calls for V3
support, it's easy enough to ignore that part and
not achieve conformity.