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List of OpenPGP Issues

2004-03-12 16:32:04

Here is the list of issues against the OpenPGP document, assuming that
Jon finishes the work he was left off to do this week.  This is the
status as of yesterday, and does not take into account the suggestions
made on the list today.

Hopefully we can close out all these issues in -10 or -11 and get to
WGLC.  When the list of open issues is emptied I intend to call a WGLC
on the document.

This list should be comprehensive of all outstanding issues (as of
yesterday).  If you think there is an outstanding issue that is not
listed in this document, please re-send it to the list and include the
string [ISSUE] in the subject.  Hopefully I wont need to set up a
formal process for issue submission, but we'll see.  The ADs would
like me to use RT to track the issues, but mapping the email threads
to an RT queue is seeming to be a lot more work than I'd like to do by
hand.  So, we'll see how it goes.


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Description: OpenPGP Issues

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