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[openpgp] Work items for openpgp relaunch: Content-type equivalent

2015-03-14 15:49:57
I did quite a bit of work on a PGP app last summer, OpenKeychain, which
leverages the Android “sharing” system very effectively to produce a pretty
nice UX for encryption/signing/key-discovery/decryption/verification.  See

There’s one missing piece, the equivalent of HTTP Content-type.  You can
easily encrypt anything - a message, a picture, a video - and send it off
to anyone, and have them decrypt it straightforwardly with no user-visible
crypto incantations.  But then how does the receiver process it
automatically unless it knows the payload data format?

I’m aware that S/MIME does this, but that was not terribly relevant in the
Android-app context.

I’m aware there have been proposals for a new packet type for this purpose
but I don't want to presuppose any conclusions; just noting that I've
encountered a real actual need here in real actual software.  I’d be able
to invest some cycles on this if there’s interest among others.

- Tim Bray (If you’d like to send me a private message, see
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