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2015-03-15 12:57:47
One of the big obstacles to OpenPGP deployments that I've faced over time is the perception that it's "too complicated", mostly based on the sheer size of the current RFC. There are two things going on here:

1) Sections of the RFC define what you might call "extras", such as the ASCII Armor (including a checksum unused elsewhere in the spec) 2) There are a lot of backwards-compatibility things (old-style lengths, lots of different algorithms)

One of the things I've tried to work on to help in some of my use cases is a modular description for a subset of OpenPGP that is (hopefully) easier to immediately grok and/or implement. It is at <>

Is there any prior art on IETF specs having a "full" and "simple" form where full implementations can read any output of simple ones, but not always vice-versa? Given the (necessary) size of OpenPGP as a whole, it seems like this might be worth considering.

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