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Re: Proxylet Downloading and metadata

2001-03-04 17:35:07
The original intent was that proxylet execution was local.
The proxylet can call a service that results in an external
server to take action but good cases for that have
not been established.

It is expected that callout services, like iCAP will be designed
an used by this system. However, callout services exploit
a different data flow than the proxylet service.

At 04:23 PM 3/4/2001 +0530, Rajnish Pandey wrote:

After going through the mailing list, I come to conclusion that we can have
proxylet execution on both local( where rule base has matched) and some other

When it is local execution, proxylet needs to be downloaded from proxylet
vendor. For downloading proxylet, proxylet location is required which is
obtained from proxylet metadata.So, first, proxylet metadata has to be
downloaded from proxylet vendor.Then using the "location" element, proxylet is
downloaded. And service offered by this proxylet is obtained by specifying
    "Action" element as

    <Action> proxylet:\\localhost\proxyletp1 </Action>

Now when we are going to have proxylet execution on some other server, how
things are different ?

1. To have information regarding execution environment , proxylet metadata is
required . This will have information about location of proxylet.How admin
server is going to use this information ( in case of proxylet execution on some
other server) ?

 2.      <Action> proxylet:\\diff-server\proxyletp1 </Action>

Does the "diff-server" mean different opes box within the same Administrative
domain ?

 Please clarify ..


Michael W. Condry
Director, Network Edge Technology