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Re: Request for Comment: Elapsed-Time as Event in OPES/ICAP

2001-03-30 11:46:04
Another approach would be to forward user requests based on the system
time. For instance, for a certain group of users all requests could be
forwarded to the ICAP server between :00 and :05, between :15 and :20,
between :30 and :35 etc.

IRML already has primitive support for rule conditions based on the
system time. In a future version we may want to allow for some more
complex system time condition patterns.


"Maciocco, Christian" wrote:

May be service plug-in interested in timing interval should be the
ones responsible to enforce time-out. They would get all requests
matching the rule but only act when the timer has expired.

Requiring the OPES device to maintain timing states for potentially
all connections might not scale.

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Subject: Request for Comment: Elapsed-Time as Event in OPES/ICAP


      A function that could prove helpful is to measure the
elapsed time between
ICAP callouts to ensure a minimum interval.

      This function can allow the opportunity for individual
users to be
redirected via ICAP at certain intervals that can be set in a rule.

      Is anyone already working on something similar?  Comments?

Derek Maxson