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RE: Request for Comment: Elapsed-Time as Event in OPES/ICAP

2001-03-30 11:47:48

        Perhaps using groups for timing. A hash could be usedto aggregate into
interval groups.

        Take 1000 users to be redirected every 10 minutes.  Split the users 
into 40
groups by IP hash that will be redirected 25 at a time every 15 seconds.

        This would likely decrease the load of remembering time stamps for all 
users (in this example) and enable much larger numbers to be handled.

        The proxy could keep track of each of the 40 groups as buckets and load
balance by dropping IP's into the bucket(s) with the fewest active sessions.



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Subject: Request for Comment: Elapsed-Time as Event in OPES/ICAP


      A function that could prove helpful is to measure the
elapsed time between
ICAP callouts to ensure a minimum interval.

      This function can allow the opportunity for individual users to be
redirected via ICAP at certain intervals that can be set in a rule.

      Is anyone already working on something similar?  Comments?

Derek Maxson