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Re: link to proxylet api draft ID

2001-09-13 09:06:07

I have a couple of questions after having looked at the proposed APIs.

- There is a need to provide asynchronous support between the engine and the
services (e.g. proxylets). While the IOStreams themselves are asynchronous I
don't see how asynchronous support is achieved between the engine and
services using these APIs. May be a sample would help clarify.

- There is also a need to support chunking. How is this achieved using these
APIs ?

We've been working on a set of APIs, which like this one uses the Servlet
APIs as a reference. We'll update the doc and circulate to the community to
start to find consensus among these related proposals.


If you want to access the full text version of the draft ID extract I
yesterday, you may find it here: -


This document is not an official draft, its purpose is to begin the process

of API discussion. I'll be formally submitting the document to the IETF


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