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Re: ICAP Server Implementation

2001-10-24 02:34:56


On Wednesday 24 Oct 2001 3:08 am, Weisong Shi wrote:
      I am  trying to play with ICAP recently. Is there any open source
implementation of ICAP server?
      Since the performance is one of the most important issues of ICAP
server, does anybody know how does the ICAP server hosting those services,
and mapping ICAP requests to them? If I have some services which are
implemented in Servlet, How can I benefit from ICAP?


Servlet and ICAP/Proxylet are not always equivalent technologies. A Servlet 
converts a request into a response, ICAP and Proxylet modifies a request or 
modifies a response. They may have filter like behaviour. You may have access 
to both a fully formed request and a fully formed response at the time you 

From the draft, you can act as an page source by receiving an ICAP request
with the header Encapsulated: req-hdr=0 and writing header Encapsulated: 
res-hdr=0 res-body=200 in the response. (numbers are offsets to start of 
message sections)

It would be fairly straightforward to port a current Servlet to the Proxylet 
API I suggested.
NB This is not a proper draft yet, and there has been no consensus on this 
API explicitly stated on the list.


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