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RE: ICAP Server Implementation

2001-10-24 10:39:30

What release of iCAP does this code support? Is this the current
specification just announced on this list?

At 03:00 AM 10/24/2001, Martin Stecher wrote:

The source code of an ICAP server is available at the ICAP forum webpage


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> Sent: Wednesday, October 24, 2001 4:09 AM
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> Subject: ICAP Server Implementation
> Hi,
>       I am  trying to play with ICAP recently. Is there any
> open source
> implementation of ICAP server?
>       Since the performance is one of the most important
> issues of ICAP
> server, does anybody know how does the ICAP server hosting
> those services,
> and mapping ICAP requests to them? If I have some services which are
> implemented in Servlet, How can I benefit from ICAP?
>       Thanks.
> -Weisong

Michael W. Condry
Director,  Network Edge Technology

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