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RE: ICAP Server Implementation

2001-10-24 11:33:56


OPES needs to have a standard way of adding services, and this in two
different places. One area is to be able to easily add services on top of
servers like ICAP or any other potential ones like BEEP based services. As
an ICAP service provider I would rather write my service only once than
having to make a separate deal and port it to every ICAP server provider. 

The other area for standardization is what is called proxylet or service
plug-in. A service plug-in is a proxylet if run locally, a callout service
if run remotely. However the service plug-in interfaces are the same. Andrew
mention one proposal, we have a different one. We're looking to define
language independent intefaces (IDL), one possible binding being Java. We'll
put it on the OPES web site in a couple of weeks as it's a Word document
(for now).


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Servlet and ICAP/Proxylet are not always equivalent 
technologies. A Servlet 
converts a request into a response, ICAP and Proxylet 
modifies a request or 
modifies a response. They may have filter like behaviour. 
You may have access 
to both a fully formed request and a fully formed response 
at the time you 

Thanks for your explain. However, does this mean that ICAP 
server can not
benefit from legacy servlet-based services?  How do we write 
an ICAP-based
service? Do you have an example service using your proxlet API? 


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