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Re: comments on draft-dracinschi-opes-callout-requirements-00

2002-03-01 10:46:45

--On Friday, March 1, 2002 12:35 -0500 Markus Hofmann <markus(_at_)mhof(_dot_)com> wrote:

Ian Cooper wrote:

A "cache" meaning?  We had this definition discussion years ago in

So let's take advantage of the WREC work. It should be a 'caching proxy'

Yes, for that particular example.

However, the text "...between an in-path OPES intermediary (e.g. a caching proxy) and remote callout servers" perhaps overstresses the nature of a caching proxy that has OPES capabilities; it hints that caching proxies are OPES intermediaries, which is not the case.

It might be better (since this is an abstract) to simply remove reference to the caching proxy altogether (the way the text is worded in the introduction is clearer).