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Re: a question ONES again?

2003-04-06 10:41:42

At 23:45 05/04/03, The Purple Streak, Hilarie Orman wrote:
The Minitel/Internet example is certainly interesting.  I think that it is
useful to keep the architectural separation between transport and
application in mind here.

Good example of OPES service: Minitel page <-> HTML page
   question: is there a cache of translated pages at the gateway?

Good example of OPES service: English -> French
   question: are French network service providers allowed to translate
             French -> English  :-)

Good example why OPES has privacy requirements: removing privacy-related
   information from data going to callout servers.  I don't know what kind
   information X.25 carries or whether or how hard it is to remove/restore
   it, but the overall principle is an important one

Example of service on an generalized OPES architecture: X.25 <-> TCP/IP
   question: this raises a lot of questions about addressing, flow control,
             naming, character set conversions, etc.  Seems like a
             nightmare, ..., does it really work?  It would seem especially
             awkward to support the barely disguised OPES model of forwarding
             IP packets on the callout path - it's not a requirement, but
             it certainly works well in an all TCP/IP environment.

Well, there are certainly a lot of issues here and it could be much application dependant (TCP/IP). Only a test can show what is the fastest. Also depends on the Window size, etc. But the real point is that it shows a totally different logical model and a different philiosophy of protocol. We have a fast pipe with bypasses and loops.

And no callout protocol.

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