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Re: a question ONES again?

2003-04-11 13:58:20

On Sun, 6 Apr 2003, jfcm wrote:

But the real point is that it shows a totally different logical
model and a different philiosophy of protocol. We have a fast pipe
with bypasses and loops. And no callout protocol.

An OPES system does not require the use of OCP. OPES processor can use
other means to adapt content, including adapting content using
processor's internal resources/code. OCP is just something generally
(but not universally) useful that we want to standardize, besides
other things that are OCP-independent (like tracing and bypass).

Thus, I do not see any "totally different" logical model or
philosophy in your example. What is the difference between a
chain/mesh of OPES processors and the model you describe?



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