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RE: feedback: OCP version head_sid2 thread: Try 2

2003-04-07 12:14:06

At 17:44 07/04/03, Alex Rousskov wrote:
That is, whatever OPES processor is sending is considered "original"
from OCP point of view.
When working on OCP, we need to try really hard to look at things from
OCP point of view and not from the application "ends" point of view.

I understand that, everyone in here understand that, but think of the reader.

He will consider that "orginal" means "as initially entered in the OPES Processor" (I definitly hate that OPES Processor word for the dispatcher here, I do understand the other way around :-).

Could we not use someting as "out-bound" and "in-bound" IRT the used "call-out" protocol. It would be consistent. Also nothing prevents the returning in-bound message to be identical to the original if no change was performed.