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Re: OCP transport nomination

2003-05-05 13:40:47

[ speaking as beep guy ... ]

Please show me how to use the URI to find the document.  I can use it to
find "404", but then, lots of things can find "404".

       <profile uri="";>

there is a school of thought that URIs can be used to uniquely-identify things,
and that those things don't necessarily have to be available via the web.

if you read 3080, it will tell you what to do when someone tries to start a
profile with the above-mentioned URI.

In this message you referred to "the MIT license"; what did you mean?

a lot of open source stuff is published under an "the MIT license". although
i'm sure that lots of folks claim intellectual property rights with
respect to doing nifty things with xml, the actual 1.0 specification
itself, as far as anyone reasonably knows, is unencumbered.

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