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Re: OCP transport nomination

2003-05-05 14:48:32

OK, then there's no specification of the user-BEEP API for using TLS.
What support do the implementations of BEEP provide?  How are the
cryptographic preferences for each TLS connection specified?  My point
being that it would seem pretty easy for an OCPTRAN API implementor to
set up things in such a way that the user was responsible for opening
the correct kind of TLS connection and then passing the handle to it


 [ speaking as beep guy ... ]

 > Please show me how to use the URI to find the document.  I can use it to
 > find "404", but then, lots of things can find "404".
 > >
 > >     <profile uri="";>
 > > ...

 there is a school of thought that URIs can be used to uniquely-identify 
 and that those things don't necessarily have to be available via the web.

 if you read 3080, it will tell you what to do when someone tries to start a
 profile with the above-mentioned URI.

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