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RE: OCP transport vote, commitment

2003-05-13 08:49:34

Let's try to see if there is consensus regarding proceeding with
OCP/OCPTRAN development.

I scanned the list archive to determine a group of "active
participants". If we include everybody who posted at least 4 e-mails
to the group mailing list in 2003, we get an "active" group of 9
people, generating about 640 e-mails. (For comparison, if we include
everybody who posted 2-3 substantive e-mails in 2003, we get about 14
people, generating about 652 e-mails.)

We know weighted preferences of 6 active participants out of 9:

            0       100           0
            0        80          20
            5        75          20
           20        65          15
            5        55          40
           25        50          25

We do not know the opinions of the remaining three activists: Marshall
Rose, Markus Hofmann, and Reinaldo Penno. Guys, could you please voice
your current preferences?

If we hear no objections for the next 24 hours, let's consider the
issue closed and proceed with the OCP/OCPTRAN development.

Thank you,


P.S. I do not mean to step on chairs' toes; I just want to make
     sure that we continue moving since everybody who spoke
     seem to prefer OCPTRAN. If I am making a procedural mistake,
     please step up and do whatever is appropriate to get us to
     a proper closure!

On Sat, 10 May 2003, Alex Rousskov wrote:

All weighted personal preferences indicate that OCP/OCPTRAN is the
direction to go. Nobody has preferred any other option more.
Interestingly enough, the choice among ICAP/1.1 and OCP/BEEP options
is not clear. Several people value both options equally; some lean
towards the former; some towards the latter.

           0       100           0
           5        75          20
          20        65          15
           5        55          40
          25        50          25

There are two ways to proceed, I guess. We can propose to develop
OCP/OCPTRAN and wait for any objections until, say, Wednesday.
Alternatively, we can pressure other active members into making up
their minds (or asking more questions) until everybody has spoken.

Markus, Marshall, do you think we need more votes/comments? Should
we test for consensus regarding OCP/OCPTRAN now?



P.S. If we had more active participants, we could try to do two
     "pilot" protocol drafts (OCPTRAN and BEEP), but it seems that we
     do not have the luxury of extra cycles and would have to decide
     while many factors are still not perfectly clear and some are
     not even known.

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