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RE: OCP transport vote, commitment

2003-05-13 08:56:52

On Tue, 13 May 2003, jfcm wrote:

I misunderstood then. The removes my worries. I agree was that. I
will then change ma position to HTTP 25 and OCPTRANS 75.

I still believe there might be a need for some light HTTP oriented
need until I fully understand where OCPTRANS may lead into.

I assume by "HTTP" you mean "ICAP" or "MIME". My intention is to make
OCPTRAN similar to ICAP/MIME approach when it comes to headers and
such. The rationale is to ease transition for the current ICAP
community and have something most people can recognize. It has to be
quite simple/efficient as well, of course. It remains to be seen
whether these intentions materialize, of course.