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RE: OCP transport vote, commitment

2003-05-12 01:51:26

At 14:43 11/05/03, Oskar Batuner wrote:
My vote is:

        ICAP/1.1:        0%
        OCP/OCPTRAN:    80%
        OCP/BEEP:       20%

Initially I was much more in favor of BEEP. One of the main
reasons to shift my preferences to OCP/OCPTRAN is what Alex
calls "clone and modify" approach to reusing BEEP mechanisms

I will add thios to the page today. I have however a concern about that
you guys with better experience about IETF's way may respond.

This presupposes that BEEP mechanisms are carved in stone. What
if they update sometimes in a way OCPTRAN cannot or does not
want to support. What will be the real life impact (this was as stated
the reason why I kept interest in the BEEP solution too).


Here I'm in favor of reusing not just ideas, but the whole
sections of the BEEP protocol mechanisms.

As far as I understand Hilarie has objections against reusing
BEEP security mechanisms. If this is the case we should make a
decision on that too.


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