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RE: AW: Using XML in OCP transport

2003-05-08 14:49:33

On Thu, 8 May 2003, The Purple Streak, Hilarie Orman wrote:

I am developing a strong preference for OCP/OCPTRAN; I think it will
smaller and cleaner than BEEP for our purposes, and more likely to be
able to encompass other protocols.  My preferential expression would be
75% OCP/OCPTRAN, 20% OCP/BEEP, 5% ICAP2.0.

Just for the record, in the parallel terminology used in prior
e-mails and on jfc web site, this vote is equivalent to:

        ICAP/1.1:  5%
        ICAP/2.0: 75%
        OCP/BEEP: 20%

From now on, let's avoid confusing references to ICAP for the
OCP/OCPTRAN solution. So let's use these:

        ICAP/1.1    (polished ICAP, very similar to existing ICAP/1.0)
        OCP/BEEP    (OCP over BEEP)

Both OCP/OCPTRAN and OCP/BEEP may eventually be called ICAP/2.0 for
political/marketing reasons, but let's ignore the naming issue for

Thank you,