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Re: 2nd S/MIME BOF meeting minutes

1997-04-15 09:51:32
"F" == Frederik H Andersen <fha(_at_)dde(_dot_)dk> writes:

    F> Eh, you mean that pgp is not FREELY AVAILABLE? I am probably
    F> wrong, but I believed that it was??  I know, that these
    F> versions are meant for non-commercial use - is that the
    F> problem?

Yes it is, and yes I was wrong (I thought of a different technology :-).

    F> What about approaching about this as the plan seems to
    F> be with the RSA secret code!


    F> Who could prohibit a free reference implementation
    F> f.ex. outside US? Why could that not be freely imported to US?

It is already done (see pgp263i.tar.gz on your favorite FTP server),
and I think I saw it within the US (am not sure though :-).

    F> What is the problem in US?  RSA again?

Yeah, it might be, but there are freely available PGP sources in
the US as well. They use RSAREF and thus are legal.

    F> I'm probably terrible wrong!

He-he. No, you are not! How about that for a change? (:-)

In light of the above - what are the reasons for not making
PGP a mandatory format? [Apologies if this has already been
discussed at length,  in which case  just kindly e-mail the
replies, with the appropriate NOSPAM correction.]

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