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RE: Alternative symmetric algorithm freely available for IETFS/MIME (re: RC2 licensing).

1997-04-17 11:56:23

From:        Robert Moskowitz[SMTP:rgm3(_at_)chrysler(_dot_)com]

As I recall, DES was SHOULD.  From what I learned today, I'd say that DES
is MUST.  And when AES is done then, well I'm not so sure of that....

From: Steve Dusse <spock(_at_)RSA(_dot_)COM>

If DES is a MUST then US software companies will have a difficult time
exporting S/MIME-compliant products.



Presumably DES-40 should be no more difficult to export than RC2-40
(Lotus does it), and DES-56 should be much easier to export than RC2-128.