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Re[2]: Alternative symmetric algorithm freely available for

1997-04-17 12:04:39
     There seems to be some distorted logic in negotiations using 40 bit 
     1.   We all know 40 bits is not secure enough and can be easily 
     broken, so what is the point of negotiating to a higher level 
     algorithm with security using 40 bits ??!!  might just as well be in 
     the open (not encrypted at all).
     2.   If indeed we need to ""securely negotiate"" for an strong 
     algorithm,  then we might as well use the negotiation algorithm itself 
     for our transaction if we believe that algorithm is ""secure"" 
     (meaning strong enough to resist breaking and that gives us confidence 
     in the security)
     David Gaon

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Subject: Re: Alternative symmetric algorithm freely available for IET
Author:  Laurence Lundblade <lgl(_at_)qualcomm(_dot_)com> at smtp
Date:    4/17/97 12:31 PM

Peter, what's the (US) export status of CAST?  I understand one of the 
reasons RC2 is attractive is that it has been cleared with the US commerce 
department for easy export at 40 bits. RC2's ease of export was cited as 
one of the main reasons for it's use at the IETF BOF.
At 11:10 AM -0400 4/16/97, Peter Whittaker wrote:
It has been suggested that the IETF consider specifying an alternative 
"MUST" symmetric encryption algorithm in its version of S/MIME.  One of 
the alternatives is CAST. Entrust Technologies announced in January that 
it was making CAST available.  From the press release:

<stuff deleted>

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