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Modifications to ESS document

1997-12-17 00:46:40
I have a change that I want to put into the Mail List agent processing
-- probably as a new section

4.X Mail List Agent Recipt Policy Processing.

If you have two mailing lists A and B where list B is a member of list
A, list B needs to propigate forward the mailing list recipt policy of A
in many cases.  This section will describe what propigation should be
done and in what circumstances.  As a general rule a mailing list should
be conservitive in propigating forward the rmailing list receipt policy.

 Previous Policy                 Mail List Agent B's Recipt Policy
  (A's Policy)          none      insteadOf     inAdditionTo
none                    ----------  Must be set to none in all cases
insteadOf               none      insteadOf (B)  insteadOf (A+B)
inAdditionTo            none      insteadOf (B)  inAdditionTo (A+B)
missing                 none      insteadOf (B)  inAddtionTo (B)

The interesting cases are combining insteadOf with inAddtionTo,
producing a union of where mailing list A and mailing list B want the
receipt to go and inAddtionTo with inAddtionTo producing a union.  The
rest of the cases either put in B's policy or propigate forward A's

It might be nice from a strictly easy point of view to add a copy to
MLReciptPolicy of "all [4]" to make the text easier to deal with in
terms of refering to all or normal processing if this value is present
rather than refering to what to do if the value is missing.

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