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RE: Modifications to ESS document

1997-12-19 09:30:34

The insteadOf construct can be used in two ways.  First, as Jim desscribed,
teh MLA collects the receipts and provides a receipt on behalf of the
entire list.  Second, the receipts are redirected to a third party.

I do not think that we should argue about the desirablity of either use.
Both uses are supported by the single mechanism.

It would not surprise me if people find other ways to use this mechanism in
the future.


At 05:21 PM 12/18/97 -0500, John Pawling wrote:

I agree with Jim's rubuttal of my comments to his original proposal. 

I now agree with Jim's original table that looks like this:

  Previous  |
  Policy    |             MLA B's Receipt Policy
 (MLA A's   |
  Policy)   | none    insteadOf     inAdditionTo      missing
none         | none       none          none             none
insteadOf    | none  insteadOf(B)  insteadOf(A+B)     insteadOf(A)
inAdditionTo | none  insteadOf(B)  inAdditionTo(A+B)  inAdditionTo(A)
missing      | none  insteadOf(B)  inAddtionTo(B)     missing

Jim stated:
Although it is not stated anywhere, my assumption here is that the most
general use of insteadOf is to combine receipts into a single receipt
coming back from the mailing list.

I believe that this strategy is highly controversial.  IMHO, the MLA should
return a signed receipt to the originator as soon as the MLA is able to
verify the signature of the original message.  That is the intent of the
signed receipt requested by the originator from the MLA.  IMHO, the intent
of the signed receipt returned from the MLA is not to signify that every ML
member returned a signed receipt to the MLA.

John Pawling   
J.G. Van Dyke & Associates, Inc.           

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