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RE: Rethinking Receipt

1998-04-14 06:25:48

You are proposing to add a security service to ESS that is very different
than the services provided by the ESS signed receipt.  I am not oppossed to
you proposing new features to be added to ESS.  I am opposed to proposals
that overload the current ESS signed receipt concept and syntax.  Please
re-formulate your proposal so that it is independent of the ESS signed
receipt concept and syntax. 

John Pawling, jsp(_at_)jgvandyke(_dot_)com
J.G. Van Dyke & Associates, Inc.

At 07:45 AM 4/14/98 -0500, Rik Drummond wrote:
Then I suggest we relook at what applies and what does not, because if you 
don't implement "reply-status" functionality such as in the RFC 2298, then 
you are greatly reducing the applicability of S/MIME v3 for 
application-to-application implementations. I-Ds are not authoritative 
sources.... that is why they are called Internet-Drafts......and my 
comments apply....

The best regards, Rik

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