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RE: Charter Revision

1999-06-22 06:57:40

Thank you for drafting the proposed charter.  I concur with the charter.  I
have a few minor comments:

1) There is significant work being done in the ISO committees (i.e. FPDAM)
that will impact the X.509 Attribute Certificate syntax.  Recommend that we
add the following text to the charter: "CMS imports the Attribute
Certificate syntax from X.509.  If the AC syntax is changed (as is
expected), then CMS will be enhanced to import the revised syntax."

2) Please list the Proposed Standards in the first paragraph so that one who
is unfamiliar with our work can distinguish the five base specs from the
list of S/MIME specs stored on the IETF web site. 

John Pawling, Director - Systems Engineering
J.G. Van Dyke & Associates, Inc.

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