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RE: Charter Revision

1999-06-22 08:10:24

I agree that the S/MIME WG should not duplicate the work of the PKIX WG.
The PKIX WG is the place to debate the use of ACs, not the S/MIME WG.
However, the existing CMS-13 I-D (soon to be an RFC) already imports the
1997 X.509 AC syntax (because it is anticipated that the originator's AC(s)
may need to be carried in the CMS security heading).  My point is that any
change away from the 1997 AC syntax is a change to CMS.

I believe that the PKIX WG's goal is to devise an AC strategy that is
consistent with X.509.  If the PKIX WG achieves that goal then it is
appropriate for CMS to import the AC syntax from X.509.  I believe that it
is premature to argue about "PKIX vs. X.509" because they should specify
identical syntaxes.

In summary, I still believe that my proposed text should be added to the
charter because there will be changes to CMS related to the AC syntax.

John Pawling, Director - Systems Engineering
J.G. Van Dyke & Associates, Inc.

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