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Re: Mail Services

1999-09-03 13:09:26

Sure is. I went to take a look. It seems to be exactly what I'm
looking for (up to possible licensing issues).
Hope you like it...

I believe so ;)

You might also want to take a look at our S/MIME-Mapper which might already
do what you want. A new version is in preparation will offer more
flexibility and GUI-configuration (also of trustsettings). I plan to put
details on the upcoming version on the web next week.
Thanks. Seems promising for the project's needs.

By the way, being on an ietf related list... I feel somewhat uneasy going
into such a practical issue of
choice. Please bear with me, I just changed employer,... and was taken by
force by their needs. (I used
to work for a company w/o export problems (TSL) :)

Hope being able to return QforHints within shortly on this list.


Dr. Peter Lipp
Email Peter(_dot_)Lipp(_at_)iaik(_dot_)at
Phone +43 316 873 5513
Fax   +43 316 873 5510

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