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RE: Border directories

2000-05-12 22:00:48
Well this was actually my main point. I have been trying to persuade folk
to take the SRV record seriously and use it for this purpose for two

So what is stopping the email client application vendors?

The lack of any specification explaining how SRV could be used by email
clients might have something to do with it... And in the case of SMTP in
particular, the existance of a widely deployed viable alternative (MX records)
also plays a part.

The SRV record specification is quite clear: Actual use of SRV records for
specific protocols is beyond its scope. For that you need a SRV
profile/applicability statement.

If you see a useful application for SRV records in the email space (or any
other space for that matter) what's needed is a document describing that
usage, and I encourage you to write it out. This is what will persuade people
to use SRV records.


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