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RE: Border directories

2000-05-12 10:16:48
"Walter Williams" <walter(_dot_)williams(_at_)genuity(_dot_)com> writes:

Lets kill this thread as it is getting us no where. 

I agree, any attempt at further debate seems pointless.  However, I'm willing 
to extend the following olive branch: I you can give me a 10-line RFC 1823-
compliant C program to fetch certificates from an LDAP directory as per your
previous message, then I'm prepared to admit that everything I've said is 
wrong and everything you've said (that all MTA's support LDAP and none of them
apparently support TCP/IP (which is what's required to do an HTTP GET), 
necessitating the use of an external web browser to fetch certs, etc etc) is 
right.  Deal?

(Incidentally, to the person who claimed that their <1MB LDAP client is
 "lightweight", you may have a future working for Oracle's marketing division,
 since their <1MB client is frequently criticised as being unnecessarily
 bloated and heavyweight.  I'd also recommend contacting the editors of the
 Oxford English Dictionary so they can correct their definition of 
 "lightweight", perhaps US dictionaries define this word differently than our 
 ones do).

Peter (exits, shaking head in disbelief).

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