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RE: Border directories

2000-05-12 08:50:27
 client -> HTTP GET -> Apache w/mod_perl & DBI-/

Perl? Puleeezzee...

I am not a fan of the RDBMS model either... But  basing a
design decision on the 'Fact' that HTTP has to involve
a shell scripting language with a somewhat eccentric syntax
rather than a direct call to the databes API is somewhat odd
in any case.

All you need in the repository is ACID properties. Insisting
that the choice of data model must be either RDB or X.500 is
somewhat odd IMNSHO.

The only data model you actually need is that required by the
S/MIME client interface and the PKI interface. i.e. retrieval
by means of a key formed by the subjectAltName (or legacy DN
component) and incremental addition/deletion of certificates
and CRLs by the PKI data source.

Oh and by the way, folk making statements about Active directory
as if it was simply and exclusively an LDAP directory make
a major underestimation of its function and capabilities.


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