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RE: New patent claim

2000-06-23 12:17:04
The working group does not have any budget for any purpose (as far as
I am aware).

Obtaining a non-infringement opinion on even the most ridiculous claim
costs may tens of thousands of dollars in legal time and at least as 
much in engineer time - if you can find one prepared to spend that much
time talking to lawyers.

Under UK law there is actually a tort of demanding monies based on
a bogus intellectual property claim.

I'd rather apply to the US patent office for a patent on some critical
biological function which according to the USPTO motto 'ask and ye 
shall receive' would inevitably be granted. Then if anyone ever sued
we could file a cross claim and demand an injunction demanding that
they cease the bodily functions concerned pending the outcome of the


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Et all,
While I agree with Phil that the claims do not seem connected. I wonder
the S/MIME group has access
to a legal staff and could ask the question?
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I also read the claims. I cannot see the connection.

What did come to mind as a possibility was that some lawyer persuaded
his client that he had to file the notice (and charged him a couple of
hundred bucks for doing so).


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