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RE: New patent claim

2000-06-23 12:35:44
At 12:16 PM -0700 6/23/00, Philip Hallam-Baker wrote:
The working group does not have any budget for any purpose (as far as
I am aware).

For those of you not familiar with Phill's dry Brit humor (surely he writes for NTK?), the IETF does not spend money researching laws. It never has. In fact, they did not research whether or not they should have posted the IPR statement that started this thread: they just did it blindly, as they do with all the rest of them. It is up to you to decide whether or not the patent is valid, applies to anything you are doing, and so on.

(And, before someone posts a "why not" type response, might I remind you that you all paid no money to be members of the IETF? That might give you a clue....)

--Paul Hoffman, Director
--Internet Mail Consortium

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