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RE: X.400 Docs

2001-06-06 11:33:16
Hi All;

I need the "[X.400] ITU-T X.400 Series of Recommendations, Information
technology - Message Handling Systems (MHS). X.400: System and Service
Overview; X.402: Overall Architecture; X.411: Message Transfer System:
Abstract Service Definition and Procedures; X.420: Interpersonal Messaging
System; 1996." documentations for my thesis work. I know that final 
versions of those documents are not freely available, but if someone final 
drafts or some detailled tutorial of them and send me, I will be really very

Thanks in advance


The Editor's version of the equivalent ISO/IEC documents are online at

and if you are interested in s version which highlights the changes between the 
1996 and 1999 versions see 10021-*-with-dams.pdf in:

Happy reading!


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