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Re: draft-ietf-smime-esformats Commitment Indication Type Attribute

2001-08-16 00:06:11


In this draft we have the Commitment Indication Type Attribute indicating a
type of commitment to the message. We have a generic type proofOfApproval.
But in some cases I would not approve the message and tell it to the other
party. But there is no generic type to indicate that.

Is there a way to add this as a new generic commitment type?

If someone does not approve, then he should not sign ! So expressing
disapproval, does not require the definition of a new commitment type.  

Generally speaking, should there be the need to define an additional
commitment type, just use an OID of your choice.

A requirements study would be needed to define additional generic commitment
types. Until we have some return from experience this seems difficult at
this time, ... unless you would already have a document where such a study
has been done. When this happens, a companion document could refrence or
define additional commitment types.



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