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RE: EITs in the x400-transport draft

2001-08-22 09:37:43

Based on the conversations that were held in London about propigating
smime-types up.  

Could you perhaps summarize these conversations for me?
I did not attend the last IETF meeting, and my colleague who did
attend the S/MIME meeting does not have detailed notes.

I would like to propose that we remove enveloped-x400
content and signed-x400 content EITs and replace it with x400-content
EITs and S/MIME types.  

Does this have any bearing on my comments I sent to the list about 
the EITS, and in particular being able to identify the inner X.400 
content type (e.g. P22 over P772)?

This is a difference from the SMIME-types from
the message draft, but in retrospect I believe that knowing 
the content is of more importance that trying to one of the potentially
manysecurity services.  This also eases the code in moving  SMIME-types 
from layer to layer.

Do I take it then that is to be a new draft in the (near) future?



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