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2001-08-22 11:57:32

Jeff & Marcus:

The S/MIME working group is finished with draft-ietf-smime-symkeydist-06.txt.
We believe that the document is ready for publication as a standards track

        Title           : S/MIME Symmetric Key Management and Distribution
        Author(s)       : S. Turner
        Filename        : draft-ietf-smime-symkeydist-06.txt
        Pages           : 75
        Date            : 20-Aug-01
This document describes a mechanism to manage (i.e., setup,
distribute, and rekey) keys used with symmetric cryptographic
algorithms. Also defined herein is a mechanism to organize users
into groups to support distribution of encrypted content using
symmetric cryptographic algorithms. The mechanisms use the
Cryptographic Message Syntax (CMS) protocol and Certificate
Management Message over CMS (CMC) protocol to manage the
symmetric keys. Any member of the group can then later use this
distributed shared key to decrypt other CMS encrypted objects with
the symmetric key. This mechanism has been developed to support
S/MIME Mail List Agents (MLAs).


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