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RE: WG Last Call: cmsalg

2001-10-15 12:44:11


I still agree with Jim Schaad's original point that the S/MIME specs should
import the certificate, CRL and attribute certificate ASN.1 syntaxes (and
components thereof) from the ASN.1 modules in the PKIX specs since the PKIX
working group is the authoritative source for the IETF regarding the
specification of those objects.

It would be great news if all of the ITU-T Recommendations were freely
available.  However, the  ITU-T web page
<> states:

"ITU-T Recommendations in Force

These are available for purchase and published in different forms -
individual paper fascicles, individual electronic files, entire collection
on CD-ROM, through yearly on-line subscription to all Recommendations in

Also, in a message sent to the PKIX mail list in May 2001, Hoyt Kesterson
stated: "ITU is allowing any three recommendations to be downloaded at no
cost from their server."  I have never seen a statement that all of the
ITU-T Recommendations were freely available.

John Pawling, John(_dot_)Pawling(_at_)GetronicsGov(_dot_)com
Getronics Government Solutions, LLC

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Actually, it turns out that they indeed are freely available:

Many Thanks to Hoyt Kesterson for informing me about this. Hoyt
mentioned to me that the database perhaps is not complete yet; a quick
look however indicates that all needed v3 modules are in place.

So, perhaps S/MIME could reference these modules after all...

-- Magnus

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