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RE: Queries on Message/rfc822, Compressed-Data.

2003-04-02 16:19:04
Yes, this probably makes sense.
I overlooked this because compressed-data was a draft when x400transport
was drafted.  Since compressed-data is not in 2633bis it would probably
make more sense to define the EIT for this in RFC 3274.  However, there
is also benefit to all the X.400 stuff being here.  I suppose I would
favor the latter.
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Subject: RE: Queries on Message/rfc822, Compressed-Data.

Hi Russ,
As per draft-ietf-smime-x400transport-05.txt to convey information about
the contained content 
of an S/MIME message in an X.400 transport environment EITs are used. 
Section 2.5 (2.5.1 to 2.5.6) of draft-ietf-smime-x400transport-05.txt
define the EITs for:
1. Enveloped Data
2. Signed Data
3. Certificate Management
4. Signed Receipt
5. Enveloped X.400
6. Signed X.400
These match with the corresponding EITs defined in
-- X.400 Encoded Information Types (EIT) for S/MIME objects
id-eit-envelopedData OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { id-eit 1 }
id-eit-signedData OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { id-eit 2 }
id-eit-certManagement OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { id-eit 3 }
id-eit-signedReceipt OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { id-eit 4 }
id-eit-envelopedx400 OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { id-eit 5 }
id-eit-signedx400 OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { id-eit 6 }
I am unable to find the corresponding EIT definition for the smime-type
'compressed-data'(CompressedData), that has been newly introduced in the
Best Regards
Arun Pandey

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Subject: Re: Queries on Message/rfc822, Compressed-Data.

These are both discussed in the most recent MSG draft.
Please see draft-ietf-smime-rfc2633bis-03.txt.


At 03:40 PM 3/26/2003 +0530, Pandey, Arun wrote:


I had the following 2 queries. Would appreciate a response on these if

1. Going  through the S/MIME mail archive I find a discussion on the use
of message types like 
    message/rfc822, message/partial etc. that could be used to wrap a
protected message (MIME 
    content + RFC822 Headers). Also as per MOM of the 54th IETF meeting
it seems that 
    message/rfc822 message type has been finalized for this purpose. 

    My question is how should one distinguish such a message ( A
protected message wrapped 
    in message/rfc822) from a forwarded message which also has a message
type of 
    message/rfc822 and can also contain a non protected message? Is an
example message of 
    type message/rfc822 containing a protected message available for

2. The latest draft 'S/MIME Version 3.1 Message Specification'
    mentions a new S/MIME type "compressed-data". However for this new
S/MIME type no 
    corresponding EIT has been defined in the S/MIME TRANSPORT draft.
Where would one be 
    able to find the corresponding EIT for the same? 

Best Regards 
Arun Pandey 

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