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Re: Survey about S/MIME or the use of encrypted eMails in general

2004-05-29 07:34:22

Hi Juergen,

There are some good surveys about spam, viruses etc - 
but I didn't  find something interesting about encrypted eMails.

Due to the absence of a working key-distribution system
encrypted mail is mainly a nice theory.  You will probably
get messages from people claiming that they are "encrypting
e-mails all the time" but they do not represent the bulk of the
Internet users.

Actually, there is a de-facto system for secured messaging
that has considerable advantages over S/MIME and that is to
use e-mail notifications containing https links to web-sites
where the user can (after authentication) access messages which
does not have to be encrypted as the communication between
the web-site and the user is protected by SSL.  This scheme
also allows a user signing off that he or she really has seen
(downloaded) a message.  This is the scheme e-governments
will most likely use for C2G messaging.

Another problem with message encryption on a wider scale
is that if you lose the encryption key you probably lose the
information as well.

Anders R

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