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Re: Survey about S/MIME or the use of encrypted eMails in general

2004-05-30 00:50:17

"Juergen H" <jha(_at_)aon(_dot_)at> writes:

Does anybody know where to find some good surveys about the use of encrypted
eMails. I think that the amount of peoples who use S/MIME, PGP etc is very
small? (smaller than 5-10% ?!?!?!)

Far less than that, from (very informal) analysis of MTA logs carried out by a
few people a year or so back when comparing STARTTLS with conventional mail
encryption (S/MIME, PGP, etc), the latter is lost in the noise level (the
result of the survey was that a year after its introduction, STARTTLS was
protecting more mail than all other email security protocols combined).


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