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RE: Support for hash algorithms other than SHA-1

2005-06-28 02:31:30

You have interoperability issues when you multiply SHOULDs and MUSTs, not MAYs. 
MAYs define a way to use algorithms and allow applications and users to use it. 
You never know what future is made of. We already have demands from clients who 
wish these algorithms to be supported in S/MIME, TLS, ASx, and so on, FOR 
INTEROPERABILITY with their current or potential partners. So I think it is 
better to define one single way to use algorithms as soon as possible rather 
than let everybody define its own way, and merge methods later on.

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At 12:58 PM -0700 6/27/05, Blake Ramsdell wrote:
Are there any reasons besides implementation ease to promote or 
discourage the SHA-512-derived algorithms?

Flinging unnecessary options at implementers and users does not help 
get use or interoperability. If someone believes that there is a real 
class of users for whom a collision attack that requires *more than* 
2^128 work exists, I'd like to hear it.

--Paul Hoffman, Director
--Internet Mail Consortium