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draft-stapleton-ttned-01 : Trusted Transactions for Network Enabled Devices

2007-03-12 07:27:36
It is my understanding that the internet draft draft-stapleton-ttned-01
was assigned to the S/MIME group in January 2007.  This document specifies a
cryptographically protected message format and transaction protocol for
managing network-enabled devices. The message format consists of a header,
content and trailers. The message header uniquely identifies the message
type. The message content is afforded (i) authentication by means of a
digital signature trailer and (ii) confidentiality by means of encryption
trailer; and the whole message (header, content, trailers) is afforded
integrity by means of a trusted time stamp trailer. All message structures
are defined using ASN.1 and all cryptographic structures use CMS. The
transaction protocol consists of request messages, response messages,
acknowledgement messages, and notification messages.  


My intent is to transition this draft to RFC status.  I would be interested
in generating some dialogue on this document, collecting comments, and
applying changes to make it a better document.  Thanks!  

Jeff Stapleton


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