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RE: Algorithm Class Data

2007-08-16 14:08:36


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Jim & Paul:

I do not see how these impact the things that go on the wire.

That's exactly the point.

Maybe I have not thought about it enough, but an example would help
me understand your proposal better.

The idea is to have more programmatic logic in the ASN.1 module
itself, I believe. Right now, we have text in the RFC, comments in
the ASN.1 module, and the code-reflecting parts of the module.
Moving some of the first two into the latter might make
interoperability more likely.

That is not useful unless other development tools draw the line in
the same place, right?


I believe that this is useful independent of where tools draw the line.
This is an advantage of putting more data into a single location for people
to read rather than having to go through the entire document for the same


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