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Re: consistent use of top-level oid branch name joint-iso-itu-t(2)

2008-12-22 09:48:21

thanks for your response.


This is a result of the name change from CCITT to ITU-T.  So,
different documents use different names depending on when they were
published.  The bits on the wire are not impacted, so I have never
worried about it.


I am fully aware of the history, but that change is back quite
a couple of years now.  IIRC, that must have been more than 15 years
ago; in particular, the X.680 1994 Edition (== ISO/IEC 8824-1:1995)
already specified the new name(s) as the primary identifier(s).

My arguments are primarily:

o   avoiding possible confusion;

o   making new documents easier to read for newcomers not aware
    of the history of the ITU-T;

o   self-consistency within new documents (a major goal of RFC Editor

o   consistency within the set of related document revisions
    currently in progress;

o   using current terminology and names in new documents;

o   referring to the new name when making citations of the X.680
    series of IUT-T Recommendations (and that's the way SMIME and
    PKIX are moving forward).

Kind regards,

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