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Re: [smime] [pkix] Research question: Witnessing by digital signature

2010-06-23 06:20:56
I agree with you Stefan. I misued the words to express that. Just to clarify
myself, in the context I'm referring to, signatures are an instrument of
evidence regarding the authenticity of the document, understood authenticity
as a means of identifying the signatory but also indicating the signatory's
approval of the signed data.

But, sometimes, and in order to make some agreements and commitments made in
a signed document binding, it is mandatory that more than one signature is
present. As an example, imagine the case where some purchase order has to be
authorised by the purchase manager. The order should not be enforced until
such signature is present. IMO, currently there is no technical solution to
fulfill that in a seamlessly and generalistic manner.



2010/6/23 Stefan Santesson <stefan(_at_)aaa-sec(_dot_)com>

A short note on this:

On 10-06-11 10:17 AM, "Jorge López" <jlopez(_dot_)ha(_at_)gmail(_dot_)com> 
there is no signature policy standard or technical document that helped
establish the dependences and relationships among several signatures to
them legally binding

It is not the signature that is legally binding, it is the AGREEMENT
supported by that signature that is legally binding.

In most cases that agreement is legally binding regardless of whether it is
signed or not. The signature makes it easier to prove the existence of a
legally binding agreement but it is not the component that makes the
agreement legally binding.

This small detail is often overlooked when we are designing technical


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